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North America Section

  1. Bilateral development cooperation with the United Kingdom.
  2. India-UK Economic & Financial Dialogue.
  3. Conducting high-level review meetings with State Governments, Line Ministries, Project Implementing Agencies and DFID.
  4. Irish Aid to NGOs.
  5. Matters relating to Commonwealth including Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation.
  6. Coordination of meetings in DEA for visiting foreign dignitaries from UK, Luxembourg and Ireland.
  7. Coordination of foreign visits of delegation from DEA in connection with subjects handled in Europe-I Section. Parliament Questions/VIP reference/PMO references pertaining to DFID (UK).
  8. Sectoral Charge: Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Ministry of Tourism & Ministry of Culture.
  9. External Territorial Charge: UK, Luxembourg, Ireland
  10. Internal Territorial Charge: None
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