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Japan (Policy & Partnership) Section

Japan (Policy & Partnership) Section of Bilateral Cooperation Division deals with the following items of work:-

  • Bilateral Development Co-operation with Government of Japan..
  • Preparation of Rolling Plan for JICA ODA loan..
  • Preparation of Shelf of Projects for JICA loan assistance from Japan.
  • Preparation for signing of Exchange of Notes and Loan Agreements for ODA loan package..
  • Completion of formalities for effectuation of projects selected for JICA ODA loan package..
  • All matters relating to the visits of Indian dignitaries to Japan and visits of Missions and foreign dignitaries to India from Japan..
  • Processing of the legal opinion for JICA ODA Loan projects..
  • India-Japan Strategic Dialogue..
  • India - Japan High Level Policy consultations..
  • Institutions: Nil.
  • External Territorial Charge: Japan.
  • Ministries/Departments: None.
  • States: Andaman & Nicobar Island, Dadar & Nagar Haveli .
  • Legislations: Nil.

JICA Projects Section of Bilateral Cooperation Division deals with the following items of work:-

  • Grant in Aid and Technical Cooperation from Japan.
  • BE- RE for Grant Aid projects from Japan
  • Missions/visit from JICA for Development Study/Technical Cooperation.
  • Government of Japan’s NGOs Programmes.
  • Grassroots Funding by Government of Japan.
  • Green Aid Plan of Government of Japan.
  • Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) Programme
  • Project/Ministry specific Group Training Programmes offered by JICA.
  • Monitoring of disbursement of ongoing JICA loan assisted projects.
  • Submission of material for Annual Report, website material and External Assistance Brochure.
  • Processing of requests of the Project Implementing Agencies for reallocation of funds and extension of the loan agreement for all JICA assisted projects.
  • Preparation of BE-RE for all ongoing JICA assisted projects.
  • Conducting high level review meetings with line ministries, state governments, project implementing authorities and JICA.
  • Dealing with all proposals received from Project Implementing Authorities/Line Ministries.
  • All ODA Loan project related overseas training programmes conducted by JICA.
  • Institutions: JICA
  • External Territorial Charge: None
  • Ministries/Departments: None
  • States: Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)
  • Legislations: Nil

China & South Korea Section of Bilateral Cooperation Division deals with the following items of work:-

  • Policy matters of Bilateral Development Cooperation with South Korea
  • India Korea Macro-economic and Financial Dialogue
  • India - China Financial Dialogue.
  • Institutions : Nil
  • External Territorial Charge: South Korea, China
  • Ministries/Departments: Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports
  • States: Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Puducherry
  • Legislations: Nil
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