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Sl. No Title Details Published Date Author
Discussion Paper on Decriminalisation of Minor Offences For Improving Business Sentiment And Unclogging Court Processes 12/06/2020 Download (85.38 KB) pdf 12th June, 2020
1/2020-DEA Risk Vs Uncertainty: Supervision, Governance & Skin-in-the-Game Download (1.12 MB) pdf 19th February, 2020 Sanjeev Sanyal
Climate Summit for Enhanced Action: A Financial Perspective from India Download (602.69 KB) pdf 17th September, 2019 Rajasree Ray, Abhishek Acharya, and Lavisha Arora
3 Essential S s of Climate Finance- Scope, Scale and Speed: A Reflection. Download (323 KB) pdf 28th November, 2018 Rajasree Ray, Abhishek Acharya, and Rahul M
Climate Change Finance, Analysis of a recent OECD Report: Some Credible Facts Needed Download (424.91 KB) pdf 27th November, 2015 Dipak Dasgupta, Rajasree Ray, Shweta and Salamsunder Singh
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