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Project Management Unit & Training (PMU & Trg.)


Title Details Published Date
Clarification dated 7.011.2016 on engagement of Consultants from bilateral/multilateral agencies Download(3 MB) 07th January, 2016
Guidelines on Foreign Training Programmes Administered by the DEA Download(255 KB) 17th March, 2016
Bilatreal Development Assistance - A Handbook on Systems and Processes Download(4 MB) 17th March, 2016
Proforma for Preparation of Preliminary Project Report for Bilateral Financial Cooperation Download (136 KB) 17th March, 2016
Position Paper on External Assistance received by India Download (584 KB) 17th March, 2016
Guidelines for posting, implementation and monitoring of externally aided projects Download(2 MB) 17th March, 2016
Guidelines for Development Co-operation with the Bilateral Partners Download (3 MB) 17th March, 2016
Engagement of consultants from bilateral/multilateral agencies Download(1 MB) 17th March, 2016


PMU section of BC Division deals with the following:
  • Parliament Question and Parliamentary Matters, concerning more than one donor agency.
  • Short term foreign training courses/seminars/workshops;
  • Coordination Work of BC Division:
  • Coordination with the Office of CAA&A in respect of External Aid.
  • All matters received from Administration and other Divisions of DEA.
  • Preparation of Budgetary & Revised Estimates (BE & RE) in respect of Externally Aided Projects (to be sent to Office of the CAA&A) and for sub-heads "Foreign Travel Expenses", "Publication" and "Protocol & Hospitality"(to be sent to Admn. Division).
  • Monthly/Quarterly Reports/Returns
  • Preparation of Standard Briefs.
  • Preparation of Induction material /Annual Report
  • Preparation of briefs for new FM/FS .
  • Updation of website ( for BC Division)
Sectoral Charge: DONER
Territorial Charge: North Eastern States
External Territorial charge:
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