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State Loan Data

State Loan Data

An Introduction to the State Loan Data Release Initiative

Chief Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Finance have computerized their entire database relating to Ministry of Finance's transfers to the various State Govts./UTs whether they be in the form of Loans, Grants and/or Investments. Each State Govt. is now enabled to view:

  • Its entire portfolio of Ministry of Finance transfers on the website.
  • Including detailed reports on the monthly releases made to them (schemewise/ statewise).
  • Their scheduled repayments for the entire year (monthwise/loanwise).
  • Their actual repayments vis-à-vis their scheduled repayments.
  • Prepayments effected by them under the Debt Swap Scheme.
  • Their outstanding balances (rate of interest wise/loanwise) on a year to year basis.
  • Down load, in PDF format, copies of sanctions and IG Advices.

Fully verified and reconciled data is available on the website application from the FY 2004-05 onwards. The entire data structure is arranged under the following broad categories:

  1. Releases' Reports.
  2. Repayment Reports.
  3. Prepayment Reports.
  4. Balances' Reports.

Advantages that are expected to accrue include:

  • Greater transparency and efficiency in the management and administration of State finances.
  • Institutionalisation of an open, online dialogue between GOI and the State Govts/UTs on various aspects of State finances.
  • Providing for better cash management by the States/UTs as they would now have access to repayment schedules on a monthly basis.

Suggestions for improvement may be mailed to us at:ccamof[at]hotmail[dot]com

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