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External Debt

Title Details Published Date
India's External Debt - A Status Report June, 2005 Download (336.58 KB) pdf 30th June, 2005
India's External debt for the Quarter end-December 2004 31st March, 2005
INDIA'S EXTERNAL DEBT for the Quarter ENDED SEPTEMBER' 2004 Download (145.42 KB) pdf 31st December, 2004
India's External Debt (A Status Report) Download (281.79 KB) pdf 30th June, 2004
India's External Debt for the quarter end-September 2003 31st December, 2003
India External Debt - 2003 30th June, 2003
India External Debt - 2002 31st August, 2002
India External Debt - 2001 31st October, 2001


No Annual Reports found.

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