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Financial Sector Reforms & Legislation

Allocation of work/functions:

Financial Sector Reforms

  • Examination of the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) Report and implementation of its recommendations
  • To initiate policy and legislative proposals in tune with the recommendations of the FSLRC and other financial standard setting bodies, as accepted by the Government;
  • To engage concerned stakeholders, regulators, Ministries, and public in the consultative process during the preparation of legislative and policy proposals for the financial sector; and
  • To monitor the implementation of non-legislative recommendations of FSLRC by financial regulators.


FSRL Division comprises of following Sub-Divisions:

  • Legislative Reforms and
  • Other Financial Sector Reforms.

Name and Contact Details of the Divisional Head:

Dr. Shashank Saksena,


Room No. 159-B, North Block, New Delhi
Contact No: 011 23093752
E-mail ID: ssaksena[at]nic[dot]in

Contact Details of FSRL Division
Designation Telephone (O) E-mail Id Office Address
Deputy Secretary 011 -23092836 mishra[dot]kn[at]nic[dot]in Room No. 272, North Block, New Delhi.
Under Secretary 011 -23095185 parveen[dot]k63[at]gov[dot]in Room No. 48, North Block, New Delhi.
Deputy Director 011 -23095102 s[dot]sudhaveni[at]nic[dot]in Room No. 48, North Block, New Delhi.
Assistant Section Officer 011 -23095257 ishant[dot]goel[at]nic[dot]in Room No. B-13, North Block, New Delhi.

Reports/Briefs/Other Important Documents

Title Details Published Date
Notification on Inflation target of Monitory Policy Committee डाउनलोड (52.11 केबी) pdf 05th August, 2016
Report of the Task Force on Financial Redressal Agency डाउनलोड (7.45 एमबी) pdf 30th जून, 2016
Factors that constitute failure to achieve the inflation target डाउनलोड (67.65 केबी) pdf 27th जून, 2016
Notification regarding commencement of the Monetary Policy Committee डाउनलोड (97.14 केबी) pdf 27th जून, 2016
Procedure for Selection of Members of Monetary Policy Committee and Terms and Conditions of their Appointment Rules, 2016. डाउनलोड (155.84 केबी) pdf 27th जून, 2016
Inviting Comments on the Revised Draft Indian Financial Code View 23rd July, 2015
Setting up of a Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission FSLRC डाउनलोड (3.25 एमबी) pdf 20th March, 2015
Composition and terms of reference of Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission FSLRC डाउनलोड (150.8 केबी) pdf 19th March, 2015
Handbook on Governance Enhancing Recommendations of FSLRC डाउनलोड (2.46 एमबी) pdf 07th May, 2014
Management Information System for implementation of Handbook on adoption of governance enhancing and non-legislative elements of the Draft Indian Financial Code डाउनलोड (369.18 केबी) pdf 26th December, 2013


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