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Financial Sector Reforms & Legislation

Allocation of work/functions:

Financial Sector Reforms

  • Examination of the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC) Report and implementation of its recommendations
  • To initiate policy and legislative proposals in tune with the recommendations of the FSLRC and other financial standard setting bodies, as accepted by the Government;
  • To engage concerned stakeholders, regulators, Ministries, and public in the consultative process during the preparation of legislative and policy proposals for the financial sector; and
  • To monitor the implementation of non-legislative recommendations of FSLRC by financial regulators.


FSRL Division comprises of following Sub-Divisions:

  • Legislative Reforms and
  • Other Financial Sector Reforms.

Name and Contact Details of the Divisional Head:

Dr. Shashank Saksena,


Room No. 159-B, North Block, New Delhi
Contact No: 011 23093752
E-mail ID: ssaksena[at]nic[dot]in

Contact Details of FSRL Division
Designation Telephone (O) E-mail Id Office Address
Deputy Secretary 011 -23092836 mishra[dot]kn[at]nic[dot]in Room No. 272, North Block, New Delhi.
Under Secretary 011 -23095185 parveen[dot]k63[at]gov[dot]in Room No. 48, North Block, New Delhi.
Deputy Director 011 -23095102 s[dot]sudhaveni[at]nic[dot]in Room No. 48, North Block, New Delhi.
Assistant Section Officer 011 -23095257 ishant[dot]goel[at]nic[dot]in Room No. B-13, North Block, New Delhi.

Reports/Briefs/Other Important Documents

Title Details Published Date
Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission Report - Volume II डाउनलोड (733.81 केबी) pdf 22nd March, 2013
Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission Report - Volume I डाउनलोड (1.22 एमबी) pdf 22nd March, 2013


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