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Other reports

Title Details Published Date
Policy for costing of Commemorative Coins-reg. Download (1.18 MB) pdf 18th October, 2019
Report of the Steering Committee on Fintech Related Issues Download (1.68 MB) pdf 02nd September, 2019
Report and draft Bill of the IMC on Virtual Currencies Download (5.25 MB) pdf 22nd July, 2019
Report of Expert Committee on Integration of Commodity Spot and Derivatives Markets Download (2.55 MB) pdf 12th April, 2018
Status Paper on Government Debt - February 2018 Download (3.42 MB) pdf 28th March, 2018
A study on Algorithmic Trading/ High Frequency Trading in the Indian Capital Market Download (2.49 MB) pdf 28th August, 2017
India's External debt as at End-December 2016 Download (828.5 KB) pdf 31st March, 2017
Major policy initiatives / achievements / highlights of the year 2016 Download (243.02 KB) pdf 01st March, 2017
Induction Material Download (1.81 MB) pdf 13th December, 2016
Status Paper on Government Debt - September 2016 Download (3.25 MB) pdf 21st October, 2016


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