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Other reports

Title Details Published Date
Detail Demands for Grants Link 02nd June, 2016
Outcome Budget Link 01st June, 2016
The Status Paper on Government Debt - 2016 Download (3 MB) pdf 31st May, 2016
Outcome Budget Link 30th May, 2016
Expenditure Reforms Commission Reports Link 17th March, 2016
World Bank Reports on India Link 17th March, 2016
Reports of IMF on India Link 17th March, 2016
Revisiting and Revitalising PPP Model(Chairman: Dr V. Kelkar) Download (876.23 KB) pdf 17th March, 2016
Model Text for the Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty Download (536.17 KB) pdf 14th January, 2016
Report of the Advisory Committee to Advise on the Administered Interest Rates and Rationalisation of Saving Instruments Link 31st December, 2015


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