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Other reports

Title Details Published Date
Report of the Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects Download (1008.45 KB) pdf 04th February, 2011
Government Debt- Status and Road Ahead Download (198.29 KB) pdf 30th November, 2010
Report of the Working Group on Foreign Investment in India Download (3.71 MB) pdf 30th August, 2010
Requirement of Public Holding for Listing Link 09th July, 2009
Report of the Committee on Financial Sector Assessment Link 30th April, 2009
Report of the Internal Working Group on Debt Management Download (675.39 KB) pdf 21st November, 2008
Annual Review of Internal Audit Report 2007-08 Link 30th September, 2008
Technical Cooperation Scheme of Colombo Plan Download (216.33 KB) pdf 31st March, 2007
Investment Commission Report Download (722.26 KB) pdf 28th February, 2006
Report of the Committee on Rationalization of Excise and Customs Duties on Edible and Oilseeds Download (141 KB) pdf 31st January, 2006


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