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RTI Application and Reply

RTI Application and Reply
SNo. Req. Reg. No. Req. Recieved Date Text Of RTI Application Reply Of RTI Application Appeal Reg. No. Appeal Recieved Date Text Of First Appeal Application Reply Of Appeal Application
121 DOEAF/R/2013/60180 02/10/2013 Please provide me the papers/information relating to processing my request transferred on 27.8.2013 by Department of Expenditure vide Registration No DOEXP/R/2013/60032 to Department of Economic Affairs vide new registration number(s) DOEAF/R/2013/80008. Your RTI application has already been sent to the concerned CPIO of DEA namely I) Shri Amit Bansal, US(Demand) link officer of Shri K.S.Panchpal, US(Report) on 3.10.2013 nil nil nil nil
122 DOEAF/R/2013/80027/1 11/09/2013 TO THE HONBLE FINANCE MINISTER( PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER) GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, NEW DELHI SUB:REQUEST FOR INFORMATIONS UNDER RTI ACT 2005 RSPECTED SIR, Applicant ,Under RTI act 2005,request informations on the following points: 1-Provid NATIONAL & GLOBAL FACTORS that contributes towards the falling of RUPEES against DOLLAR in global market. 2-How the value of RUPEES is decided against dollar in the global market 3-Provide total amount of DEBT over INDIAN GOVERNMENT of WORLD BANK(please mention figure in DOLLOR). 4- How much debt has been taken by Indian Government from WORLD BANK Since 2000 till date 22-08-2013.Please Provide data of each year separately. 5-How the debt taken from world bank has been used(How much & in which sector) By the government since 2000 till date 22-08-2013,please provide detailed summary. 6-Provide All the GO(government orders)given to Indian Banks For EDUCATION LOAN for poor students during year 2005-2008,Provide all the DOCUMENTS(GO) sent to the BANKS regarding interest free loan/fully subsidise education loan of each year separately(as mention above). 7-was it necessary to provide two GUARANTOR at the time of borrowing EDUCATION LOAN BELOW RUPEES 4 LAKH from BANK in the Year 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 & 2012 Provide CLARIFICATION of each year separately. 8-Is it possible for anyone (who has taken loan from any government/private bank of INDIA below rupees 4 lakh) to go for legal actions against BANK IF BORROWER had been forced BY THE BANK to provide two guarantor to the bank in order to sanction education loan Below rupees 4 lakh Please give clear answer. 9-Give all the detailed statement of all the expenses in BHARAT UDAY YATRA IN LOK SABHA ELECTION CAMPAIGN bear by The GOVERNMENT OF NDA in VISITING ALL OVER INDIA BY FORMER DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER SHRI LAL KRISHNA ADVANI. Please provide clear & detailed information on above mention nine points within the mentioned time under RTI act 2005. The fee of Rs 10 for the information is paid through SBI INTERNET BANKING(Account number-32469808961). Yours faithfully NAME-SUNIL UPADHYUAYA ADDRESS-97 ANAND VIHAR,GALI NO-4 BEHIND JAIN MANDIR,MODINAGAR(201204),UP MOBILE NO-9219813700 attached ( 202.85 KB ) pdf Scan Copy of the Reply attached attached ( 82.25 KB ) pdf nil nil nil nil
123 DOEAF/R/2013/60133 02/09/2013 1.Are loan agreements signed between the Government of India and the World Bank group of institutions, public documents that can be accessed if requested 2.If no, then the specific clauses under which they are protected 3.Are general rules of disclosure (30 years rule) applicable to loan agreements of closed World Bank projects 4.Is there a restriction on all projects or only those which are active/ongoing 5.If answer to Question 1 is yes, then can a copy of the agreement signed between the Government of India and the World Bank (IDA) Social Safety Net Adjustment loan (P009987- December 17, 1992) be provided. The information has already been supplied. DOEAF/A/2013/60023 18/12/2013 Information provided refers to a conformed (edited) copy of the loan agreement. I would like to take a photostat of the original loan agreement. Also would like to know as to why the need arose to put up an edited copy of the report and what parts of the original were edited out. The Apellate Authority has passed an order on 6.10.2015. The copy of the agreement requested for by the appellant, along with the order,were also e mailed to her on 6.10.2015. The order is attached. But the agreement has not been uploaded due to the restriction on file size. attached ( 883.51 KB ) pdf


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